Earth spoke to me today 3.19.20

Earth:  I am tired. I am depleted. I am exhausted of my used to be plentitudes of good nutrition, nutrient dense soil, clean air, clean water.

I have been used. You have used me for your greed, for your destruction, for your very own peril. You have originally used me correctly for food, nourishment and have embraced and benefitted from my originally clean air and water. 

While you cry from loneliness you insist on driving, living and eating alone even from those in your own household. Many of you have automobiles for each person of driving age in the same house. Corporations dispose illegally, unhealthily and unethically of their dangerous chemicals and waste materials.

You have become sick and now all people are being asked to stay put in their homes. To hopefully contemplate, meditate and evaluate. How will you move forward when this all dies out? How will you change? In what ways will you do things differently? Think about these things as you are homebound today.

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