She said….

She said it was getting to be way too much. She had no other recourse than to send us all home. She continued, in order to have us try to stop hurting her, hurting her natural beauty, harming her animals, her plants and trees, her air and water and soil. She laid it all out and without so much as a tear, she enumerated all she has been fronted with. Earth had come to a radical point in her capacity to withstand the vast immensity with which humans were destroying her. The destruction, she decided could go no further. We humans, she said, need to come to an awakening. She could see way ahead into the distant future just what these changes to her climate were provoking. So she put a stop on humanity’s footprint. Not a total stop as some will be relentless with their wants and their ways. But for the most part, she woke us up, she hopes, in her attempt to give us time to contemplate and meditate and marinate a better, gentler, kinder and more densely nutrient way of life.

Look at you humanity! You are also exhausted, tired of amassing goods and material assets, depleted, and bereft of sound fortified nutritious and healthy food. You are a mirror of earth. I am trying to help you to understand we are all one, we are part and parcel of each other. You and I co-exist in this rhythmic joyful dance we call planet earth. Join me. Take my hand. Let’s create a better life for you and me.

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