Looking for a meaning…

Is this a time to turn our lives around? To look introspectively; really see who is important in your life, who contributes support, encourages, adds value? Does what we do to make a life light us up or deplete ourselves to the core? Is this purposefully placed, this seclusion, this quiet rendering of finding ourselves again, hidden, stored away, kept in a safe compartment deep within our hearts. Can we emerge like the lotus flower from this mud and muck into beings who once out again and in society choose to make a difference in the tiniest ways. Will we smile now when walking down the street or nod or acknowledge a fellow traveller that we pass upon. Is this supposed to be a turning for us so that we are profoundly changed. Was this always going to happen? Were we always coming to this point in time? Can a people contain what we were trying to maintain? A bursting. A sickness, a dis-ease. Something out of balance not in harmony with the natural order of life.

Nature is precious. We know this. She is gentle yet strong. Firmly planted yet flexible enough to sway with the breeze. Can we find our strength, the core of our being and reach from here to our highest potential. Can we try to begin the see the forest for the trees, in the trees, though the trees. Walk in a park. Hug a tree, feel the leaves beneath your feet, shuffle through the brush. Take in and delight in all the smells and heavenly sounds of chirping birds, pecking woodpeckers, frolicking squirrels and all life unfolding, being and dancing on this life’s playground of natural order.

Life is alive here. You are alive here. Call a distant friend. Check on an elderly relative. Call your mother. Call your father. Sit with each other in silence, those who are fortunate enough to live with someone. Sit. Breathe. Be. It is plenty enough at this moment we are living to just sit down and be.

All will be ok, changed but ok for the most part. Everything is as it should be. We are here for a reason, a purpose. Go into your heart and infuse it with your own vibrant, special healing LOVE. We will get through this.

This will shape and fortify us and bring into our hearts the LOVE that is necessary to carry us forward. May you be well. May all beings everywhere be happy and healthy and whole. All blessings surround you. All LOVE embrace you. Until we can embrace each other again.

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