zoom this altered reality

Here we are. Each in our own homes, staying connected through the telephone, the face time, the zoom meetings, zoom chats, zoom classes and classrooms all over the country, all over the world. Zoom, the latest stock buy. People will gravitate to their normal even in this new altered reality. Elderly people still move around somewhat or want to move around. Love is… staying home. Loving your family means living in quarantine. Loving yourself means staying in, respecting the shelter in place order from your local state government. Our new altered reality. New words have become daily conversation such as social distancing and shelter in place. Quarantine and zoom are part of our vocabulary. This new altered reality we are in feels dystopian. While it has driven us to self-quarantine alone or with those we live with, it has also brought us closer via technology. Where is all this going? What will life be like when we can go out of our homes again? Will be in another altered reality? How will we be changed and in what way will the environment be transformed?

Thinking about what the world, our worlds will look like post corona virus will take all of our collective faculties of positivity. Yes, a buzz word, it’s true but also a most effective tool in turning around the negativity that has pervaded our lives. Consider the news. What percentage if any is good news. Now today there is a website which only gives out good news. Could the networks present more good than bad? Yes, if there were more good than bad news to report. Good news, there is. If you look for it. It is all around us, everywhere, every day. Begin to look for it in your world and you will find it. And you will feel better for the finding.

So a new day is launching. Here is the preparatory work. We have been given another 30 days to collectively prepare in our hearts and minds our new reality, the world we envision today that has been in our minds and hearts for quite some time. Now is the time to unite our thoughts toward a more egalitarian society, one which affords all the right to healthcare, education, good food and a climate healthy enough to live in. We all must begin again and again to contemplate this new world that now lives inside of us while we are inside. Now is the time to do the work of projecting forward our united positive thoughts for a new day. For a new day has dawned. Collectively, we have no choice but to quietly envision a world where all people have a right to live and live well. The time has come to uproot the past grievances and inequality. That game is over, has ended, is no longer alive. Today we can use our time wisely by sending our quite powerful thoughts out to the world to create this our new living reality. We have no choice. Please think, say and/or write your thoughts about the world you see going forward. The Universe is listening.

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