April Morning


It is a quiet morning here in the Land. Birds are chirping, singing their Love songs to one another. The day opens gently, warmly. The sun peeking out from soft pillows of clouds tells of a bright day, a day full of confident hope in a new arising. Now we have had time to let this situation resonate within. Whatever the meaning, whatever the reality, we take what is and make of it something beautiful. Maybe we rediscover a passion and brought it to life again, maybe we call a distant friend, maybe we reassess where we are in life, where we want to be. Whatever this time offers you it can be a re-directing. A seeing what was, what still is, and what we will continue to make or do or change.

I offer you stillness today. Solitude for your soul. Solace for your heart. Sunshine for your body.

Happy Saturday. O Happy Day!

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