this moment

This moment now. The now. Savoring the breeze after the rain. Going slow on a Monday afternoon. Contemplating. Always overthinking, overanalyzing, the what ifs, the where fors, the why, the how, the journalist asking. Always asking. What’s next? What do I need to learn? Where do I need to grow?
Show me this please. Guide me. May I stop, look and listen to my inner voice. May I see and hear what my self is telling me. We know the next step. The path will be made clear is my running mantra for the seekers I encounter as of late. Can I see that my own path will open? Will I abide by the words my father tells me, “you have to make your life”? I can and I will because now is the perfect time, a time like no other up to this point.
Leave, move? No this is not a matter of physicality or geography. Not now anyway. This is a life changing pursuit of happiness. A tuning into heart center. A dialing up creator. An emergency call of sorts. Looking up toward the heavens, knowing there is much work to be done. Wanting, needing and feeling it’s time to make a bigger dent in society. In our world. Are you also feeling the pull, hearing the call? We each have our own call, our own stamp to leave on this earth and as I round the final lap or fourth but not final quarter I want to honor my inner calling. Here on this page perhaps.
Writing to right the wrongs of humanity of which I am intricately tied, as we all are. How did we come to this? This much angst and anger and violation of other? We do know the answers and they aren’t simple and they do involve history and a rising up of what is no longer able to be hidden or pushed asunder or ignored. No. The youth of today understand the lessons not taught in school, they feel them in their bodies, minds and hearts so all the false or omitted history lessons mean naught as they have within their very selves all the knowledge and understanding necessary to forge this moment in time. Must they resort to violence? Has the even tempered man gotten us very far? Must they try hard to get the attention of those in power? United we stand. Divided we fall and we are falling right now. We are very much divided, disorderly, downtrodden and disenchanted. Where do we go from here you ask? We stand up, way up together. We recreate. We reunite. We relearn what real love means. Not in an airy fairy kind of way but with progress, energy and intelligence will we make our life. We will make a new life for ourselves and those coming up behind us. The time has never been more now than now. More urgent or more vital.

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