What is meditation? Meditation is the attainment of a deep state of relaxation, both a tranquil mind and a physically relaxed body. This is achieved by emptying of the mind of all thoughts or the concentration on a single thought.

Why meditate? Meditation can bring a feeling of peace and calm beneficially both physically and emotionally. The benefits of meditation last after the session bringing serenity to your day.

How do I meditate? There are many ways to meditate using mental or both movement and mental concentration. Yoga postures and controlled breathing promote relaxation through the practice of and concentration on various poses. Transcendental or mantra meditation involves the silent repetition of a word, phrase or sound. Focusing on the mantra helps the mind become still and peaceful. Guided meditation  centers around concentrating on a relaxing place, visualizing every aspect to the exclusion of outside thoughts. Qi gong and Tai chi are Chinese physical-mental practices involving movement and concentration.

Meditation is the act of focusing one’s awareness on the breath, an object, a mantra-word or phrase.  We meditate to become awake to what is and more aware of who we are as a human being.  We meditate to see more clearly, to become
calm in mind, relaxed in body, serene in soul.

Meditation strengthens one’s intuition and inner wisdom, allowing for more focus and purposeful activity.  When one’s mind is distracted, agitated or confused meditation helps to re-focus the energy and activity toward a single goal, the breath. To be able just to keep one’s mind on the in-breath and breathe in fully and abundantly, then follow the
out-breath completely to the end pausing between the breaths, lengthening the breaths as desired and increasing the retention of the breath is one of life’s greatest treasures.

This unspoken practice of connecting with your true self, your higher Self, with the Seer which is Spirit and the Seen which is nature.  Man and Divinity.  We are constantly seeking God or whatever form or name you choose to call this energy within each of us. Meditation is the art the divine practice of this holy connection, this higher reach for which we yearn, somewhat unknowingly.

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